Creativity, communication, account management and the results are the best I have ever experienced with a marketing referral firm, and the price is an incredible value.


Ron Lewis, Attorney





For once a company that does what is says it can and more, Pat and his team have exceeded my expectations every step of the way. I strongly encourage any professional to get on board, the results have literally blown me away.


Don Thomas, Attorney





As a Millennial early in my career trying to build my practice, nothing has worked like this. It's affordable, effective and contemporary with today’s consumers, I strongly recommend!


Matthew Lerette, Attorney





The most professional organization I have worked with. Every day, three-times a day I get updates on my advertising results, which are outstanding and highest I have ever experienced in a short time.


Jason Haselkorn, Attorney





If you’re looking to connect with today’s customers in a way they want to be reached, communicated to in a way they prefer, this is a new generation of referral service that does just that.


Matthew Thibaut, Attorney





Pat Patregnani is one of the most brilliant, visionary, strategic marketing pros I have ever worked with and GPROSplus™ is surely a testament to that, without a doubt this ad/tech platform is a national leader providing a much needed service for consumers and professionals alike.


Jordan Zimmerman,

Founder, Chairman Zimmerman Advertising


I’ve been in the capital markets for over 25 years and every day new ad/tech ideas comes across my desk, most I pass on, this one I call a UNICORN. In knowing Pat Patregnani for over decade he is a true “Marketing Guru” and will drive your growth.


Tom Blinten, CEO,

Managing Partner, Panamax Capital LLC.







Insurance agents get on board, last week I gave GPROSplus™ a budget of $100.00 to advertise my independent insurance service. In four days I received; 10,956 local views of my ad on Facebook, 3,927 engagements, 37 likes and 2 new clients what can I say but wow!


Michael Galvin,

Independent Insurance Agent


As a physical trainer I had my doubts that this could work for me, my budget to advertise was $50.00 for a week with their GPROSlive™, I was wrong, that week I received 9 calls and 3 new clients to train since then 3 dieticians I work with signed up immediately.


   J.D. Bishop,

Certified Personal Trainer


Pat and his company were referred to me by a professional colleague who is on GPROSplus™,

as a Dentist with my own personal practice for over 20 years I was skeptical whether I needed or wanted this. After one phone call I signed up and look forward to growing my practice even after 20 years.


Dr. Francyne Kohler,

West Boynton Dental Associates


Brilliant, most innovative ad/tech platform for professional services on the planet.


Howard DVorkin,

Founder, Consolidate Credit Counseling Services






Sign up now, no joke.


David Kroupa,

Independent Insurance Agent






Talk about beating out the competition for quality leads, I used to be on 4 different real-estate lead services, I am now down to one, the right one GPROSplus™, I suggest you do the same.


Mario Taormina,

Real-Estate Sales +Training






Being the watchful eye for all our firms communications, legalize and disclaimers, I assumed I was about to get another job responsibility, to my surprise and joy, they got it right from the beginning and every detail was taken care of responsibly and professionally.


Linda Thomstack, Paralegal





As a board member and investor I have watched this team pain-shakenly work through the evolution of its strategy, offerings and execution. As an engineer, I am marveled by the creation and building of GPROSplus™ into the quality product and service it is today.


Kevin Nash, Bio-Engineer



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