Welcome to GPROSplus™, an innovative, contemporary, smart and convenient web-based and mobile app for all professional practitioners on one FREE, trusted, branded platform that will become a national household word.


GPROSplus.com will transform how people search, validate, connect and engage professionals in a modern, online, mobile, social, digital world.

We limit your competition, not your customers!

GPROSplus™ offers you the competitive advantage with our limited-exclusivity in your geographic area.


  • Our Limited Exclusivity allows for a set number of qualified professionals in your practice or specialty within your zip code
  • Customers can search by radius, zip code, distance, practice, specialty or other key words in the event of special needs
  • Our mission is to offer value to our members in a way that best serves you and meets the needs of our customers

smart  •   contemporary  •  convenient

Did you ever think you could hire a full-service, social/digital marketing agency for $19.95 a month?
Now you can!

Our team of experts in all forms of social/digital media can begin to help you grow your practice immediately.

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Geo-Targeted Limited Exclusivity only allows for a few in your practice in your zip code.

GPROSlive™ VALUE Services:

  • FREE GPROSplus™ listing + personal profile dashboard
  • Unlimited usage from our Premier Creative Library
  • Professional limited-exclusivity
  • Social/Digital Media analysis that can save you money
  • Website / Facebook analysis  and recommendations
  • SEO/SEM efficiency analysis and recommendations

GPROSlive™ PREMIUM Services:

  • Customized Local Social/Digital advertising
  • Proven results tracked, analyzed and reported
  • Contemporary Website Enhancement, Redesign or Build
  • Matching Facebook and Consumer Activation
  • SEO/SEM/Social/Digital management/oversight
  • Personal media placement at our lower rates
  • Customized, Compelling, Contemporary ,Compliant Ads
  • Video, static or content posting
  • BOOST your Facebook with our ads, get results
  • Reach thousands of targeted  Facebook consumers in your area
  • Every week we will email you successful campaigns driving results

Low cost premium services
quoted per project.

What we do = results!

Premium Services

It’s a modern, online, mobile, social, digital world, so join the GPROSlive™ movement with your business and watch your practice grow overnight. We can create, activate, boost + manage all your social media reaching  thousands of consumers in your area and improving your Google search organically for less than any SEO or paid search costs.


Comprehensive strategy.
Complete solution.
Made Simple.

To succeed in today's mobile, social/digital world it's imperative that you optimize every fact about your business and continuously update with new content even if it’s just a photo for intelligent search. GPROSlive™’s   Power-Search was created and built to continuously optimize your search to win in the ever-changing landscape of digital discovery.  


Content SEO Management

Improve SEO Exponentially with
New Content Update

Holiday Messages

Staff Promotions

News announcements

Informational updates

New Photos

New Hires

Same Day - Weekly - Monthly - Quarterly


Account Management



Report Analytics



Directory Listings

Social Sites







Control your digital knowledge across the PowerSEARCH® Network.


  • Listings
  • Branded Content Syndication
  • Publisher Suggestions
  • Listings Analytics
  • PowerSEARCH® Network: Healthcare*


Engage with customers on their terms and boost SEO.

All Starter features

  • PowerSEARCH® Network: Social
  • Social Location Page Posting
  • User-Generated Content
  • Review Monitoring
  • Duplicate Suppression***


Harness the power of reviews and measure your performance in intelligent search.

All Starter + Pro features

  • Review Generation
  • Review Publishing
  • Review Balancing
  • Review Response
  • Review Insights
  • Intelligent SEARCH Tracker†

Add your listing to the following sites…

* Available Add-on

†Included in the Ultimate package; also available as an add-on to other packages.

Put the metrics to work.

Get a clear picture of your search impressions. Power-Search Analytics™ gives you a glimpse into how consumers are engaging with your brand across local online channels. Segment your audiences by device, publisher, and the terms they are searching for—then use that data to engage the right customers in the right ways at the right time. We do it all for you!

 A wealth of insights.

Google My Business. Google Search Console. Facebook Social Analytics. Looking at your data used to mean logging into multiple systems to see tiny pieces of your overall performance.

With Power-Search Insights Library, it’s finally possible to take a consolidated view of all the data that matters—in one place. Log into one system to see everything from how many clicks your promotions get, to the days and times when your Pages are the most popular, to how many people use Google Maps to get to your location.
We do it all for you!

Cut through the noise.

Get a clear picture of your search impressions. We get it. You have a lot going on. Power-Search Dashboards are standard or customized views, so you can see your performance through any lens you’d like.
We do it all for you!   

Dive in and play.

When it comes to your data, sometimes you like to get your hands dirty. With the Power-Search Report Builder, playing with your data is more fun than ever. Build your own custom insights from data sources like the Google Search Console, Facebook Social Analytics, Google My Business, the Power-Search Network, and much more.
We do it all for you!


 The Times Have Changed!

Why Wait For Customers to Search For You!

Go To Them…

Out Smart Your Competition, Not Outspend. Reach Thousands of Potential Customers in your area in just days.

Drive Your Website Views + Google Search with compelling videos and posts.


That’s What We Do.
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Who We Serve

Enterprise Firms *   Private Practices*    Startups*  
 Established Practices*    Hospitals* Wellness Centers *

Emergency Clinics*    Lifestyle Services*    Health*Wellness*   
Legal*    Financial Related Services

Secure Your Geo-Targeted Limited Exclusivity In Your Zip Code Now, or your competition will.


We Limit Your Competition,
Not Your Customers

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  1. Join Us
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  2. Personal Info
    Complete Personal Profile Dashboard
  3. Business Dashboard
    We customize your private business dashboard to capture consumer contact info and all business data
  4. Social/Digital Marketing
    We create compelling and compliant Practice Specific Ads for Social/Digital Media
  5. Approval Sign-Off
    Secure Approval for Advertisement
  6. Deployment
    Deploy Advertising - Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, etc
  7. Responses
    Consumer comes to site signs in/or calls directly to you through an assigned 800# that is routed directly to your office line
  8. Results
    Congrats, You now have a new customer
  9. Satisfaction Survey
    We send your  customer a thank you and satisfaction survey
  10. Reporting
    We forward the survey to you to inform you of the customer Experience
  11. Referrals
    Great experience will be your opportunity for a New Referral!

Premium + Value Services

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Will be marketed locally to consumers in your geo-targeted area, driving consumers directly to your practice.


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